Making connections with the designer community

Two weeks ago, three of our members met with Clara Batchelor and Megan Tomkins of CBA Landscape Architects, LLC and Cathy Baker-Eclipse of Boston Parks and Recreation to discuss the renovation design of the Roberts Playground. Although the design was pretty much finalized, we were still able to offer some feedback on the design with a focus on our favorite topic: inclusivity. As in our meeting with Copley Wolff Design, we spoke of the elements that we loved, as well as adding or doing some minor edits to the design.

Elements such as dish swings and the inclusion of musical instruments and an amphitheater were amongst our favorite topics to discuss, and we were excited to see that this was part of the design already, given that cognitive play and inclusive play structures have been strong elements in the inclusive playgrounds that we have visited. We provided some suggestions to add more cognitive play and imaginative play with elements such as a playhouse and voice boxes. In addition, we discussed the importance of having a space for kids with autism to be on their own, and were glad to see the inclusion of a small area intended for kids to “look over the playground” and have some time of their own. Our suggestion to add more shade for children with sensitive skin was regarded with positivity, and there was a particular excitement around the idea of adding shadow play to the design in order to have an innovative imaginative play element. Overall, we had a successful meeting, and we were happy to build more connections with more members of the designer community in the Boston area. We look forward to other opportunities to advocate for inclusivity in playground design.

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