Survey Day!

About a week and a half ago on Super Bowl Sunday, eleven of us headed out on a playground extravaganza! It was the first of many monthly team surveying events that will help increase the breadth of our playground survey data. Our goal is to survey every playground in Boston, so this day brought us to 19 playgrounds since September. Eventually, we will have a more complete understanding of inclusivity in playgrounds across the whole city.

As a group, we were able to successfully assess nine playgrounds in the South End. We began our day together at Ramsay Park to evaluate the playground adjacent to the Jim Rice baseball diamond. Although no kids we there when we visited, we can see how popular this place probably is in the summer – as a large, well maintained park right off of the busy Melnea Cass Boulevard. Despite the weather, we braved the brisk January morning and afterwards we thawed out over brunch at Haley House (which we highly recommend). Following our feast, we piled into cars and split into smaller groups to maximize our playground reach. Each subgroup surveyed two playgrounds before heading in to catch the big game. Keep your eyes peeled for potential upcoming playground spotlights from the January Survey day, including:

– Ramsay Park
– O’Day Playground
– Monsignor Reynolds Playground
– Ringgold Park
– Peters Park
– Titus Sparrow Park
– Hayes Park
– Chandler/Tremont Plaza
– Frieda Garcia

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