Thomas M. Menino Park

Last Saturday our team set off on the Orange Line for the momentous annual Super Survey Day. We began our morning at Mayor Thomas M. Menino Park in Charlestown. The park was a product amidst the wake of the Boston Marathon Bombings, and sits directly across from Spaulding Rehabilitation Center. The playground is accessible by bus from North Station, or is approximately a 30 minute walk. The playground allows for inclusive play with many accessible elements, including embankment slides, wheelchair swings, and poured rubber surfaces. Spaulding Playground holds a place very close to our hearts, and serves as an excellent example of the bold and bright potential of inclusive play.

Spaulding Playground

After surveying the playground near Spaulding Rehabilitation Center, we ventured off to get a quick bite together at a local Charlestown restaurant, then split into groups of 3 to survey smaller playgrounds in the neighborhood. This let us see more of Charlestown than we otherwise would, and we came across some very pleasant neighborhoods as a result.

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