Playground Project: INDIGO New Year Update

Surveying Mayor Menino Playground- the most inclusive in the Boston Area!

Surveying Mayor Menino Playground- the most inclusive playground and space in the Boston Area!

So far this semester, the team has made good progress towards our goals. Here’s a quick update of what we’ve been up to these past couple months!

Our team has selected a conference we will be planning to present at in April: the New York State Recreation and Park Society Annual Conference and Expo. This will be the team’s second conference presentation to date, and is a fabulous opportunity for the group to share its research and network with leading experts in parks and recreation. Our team’s focus this year is to teach conference attendees how our playground scorecard works, how it can and has been used to assess the quality and inclusivity of playgrounds in and around Boston, and how parks and recreation professionals can use this data to inform decisions in regard to playground planning and design. We are looking forward to be able send a cohort to this exciting event!

Team members Durward, Hayden, and Tia have made excellent progress on updating our website. In addition to updating a lot of content, the website itself has a new streamlined theme, which should make finding info about the group and what we’ve done easier to find.

Lastly, our group has a made a point of attending more community meetings in Boston to discuss the construction of several new recreation areas in Charlestown, Dorchester, and the North End. One of the main takeaways from these meetings was understanding how communities may value different aspects of these spaces. To some communities, the playground may be the main focus of the renovation, while to others, it may be the fields for soccer or baseball, or community areas, or general park maintenance that people may find most important. Our hope in these meetings is to listen to what the community finds most important, but also to ensure that an inclusive space is build which can accommodate children, families, and adults of all interests and abilities.

Keep an eye out for more updates to follow as we move further along in the process of preparing for the upcoming conference and start to utilize our new and improved playground scorecard!


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